Saturday, April 7, 2007

The Consult

RE update: The meeting went OK. I don't have the hope like I did w/ the first cycle. Maybe I'm cynical and jaded now... *shrug*.
Things the RE said he'd like to do different:
1. lupron: this drug shuts down the ovaries and prevents/controls production of LH (luteinizing hormone) he'd lower the dose to not shut my ovaries down completely, doing this can allow the ovaries to produce more eggs during stim phase.
2. higher dose of menopur- this drug stimulates egg production. Upping the dose hopefully will give us more eggs.
3. stim longer- if the eggs cook longer before triggering / retrieval, they could be more mature.

He did not suggest another med combo, just a higher dosage of the ones I was on before.

I want a 2nd opinion. Here's where it gets complicated. Now I have to find another clinic. The one i go to is the ONLY one in Columbus. Do I look at NYC? Chicago? Any way you look at it would require travel. I could do a phone consult, but what if Dr. in NYC has a better plan of attack- how in the world would I fenagle (sp?) a cycle in NYC?

I was hoping for the mtg to give me some hope. I'm seriously thinking another whole cycle is a waste of time and money. When I asked if doing some injectible IUI cycles would be a waste of time, he said no, not necessarily, just that IVF gives you better odds. Well, duh. I have 6 injects/IUI cycles covered 100% on insurance. And it's a hell of a lot easier of a cycle to deal with.

Why not use that $$$ towards adoption and do the IUI cycles instead? I'm just not convinced that the IVF is going to do anything, and it SUCKED.

Monday, April 2, 2007

The Mow

Today I had to do the first mow of the season. We're talking grass here, as in my lawn. That green stuff between driveways and sidewalks here in suburbia. It's happily growing way too quickly and is a lovely shade of green. I had to mow because it was starting to bend because of the height. That and because it was touching Hannah's belly because of her short little chihuahua legs! (Hannah's our blind rat terrier / chi mix dog)

In other news, our follow-up / pre-cycle consult appointment with Dr Schmidt is on Thursday. I wonder what he's going to say?

Megan and Sacha over at BabyCakes had a little boy yesterday. Go give them some congrats!!!