Sunday, February 22, 2009

New things in the house.

So, I got a phone call on Friday saying that the crib we ordered came in. Great! D and I went over to pick it up on Saturday, since it might as well sit here instead of in the store's warehouse.

Yeah. There's a crib in our crib. Like one of those things you put a *baby* in. (and then they proceed to scream for an hour and it's 4 am, but of course *our* baby won't do that, right?)

The nursery is going to be painted sometime in March, shower #1 is on March 14th, shower #2 is May 2nd. We even signed up for a 'how to have a baby' class at the hospital I'll be delivering at. How much more real can this get, people? And yet I'm still really in disbelief. I kind of feel like we're playing 'baby', and it's all pretend and someone's going to come and pick everything up and take it away. Or I'll end up donating everything. *something*

Oh, I digress... next appt is at 25w1d- this Wednesday. Only thing notable is the gestational diabetes test where I have to drink this neon orange pop type drink.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Today marks week 24 of this pregnancy and the VIABILITY milestone. That means there's (about) a 50% chance of taking home a live baby right now. Those odds go up with each day that I remain pregnant. We're not talking about disabilities, micro-preemie issues or that sort of thing, just the general concept. I'm not having any issues that would make pre-term labor a reality or anything like that. I don't expect a baby to arrive before the end of May. But if he *does* decide to get the show going, his odds of survival increase from this point on.

For me, that's a huge reality check. There will (most likely) be a BABY in this house this year. (woah) A baby that is 50% me, and 50% D. Amazing. Not a single day goes by where I don't think about CCRM and Dr. Surrey and how they made this possible.
THANK YOU CCRM, for giving us hope and the possibility of a child. Thank you.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day


This was our dinner this eve, our 4th annual Valentine's pizza!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Nothing to report

I guess it has been business as usual around here. There seems to be something growing in my belly... but other than that, nothing big to report. :-)

Here is the latest belly photo taken today at 23w1d.

One more week until the baby has more than a 50% chance of survival outside of the womb. That's a huge pregnancy milestone to pass, and I'm quite thrilled to almost be there.

I guess that's it. No news is good news, right?