Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A good report

Everything was OK at the u/s appt this afternoon. Baby is measuring fine with 'long arms and legs'.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Halfway there

As I was telling a friend yesterday, I have an easier time believing there's a cantaloupe in my tummy than a baby. I hope everything goes smoothly at tomorrow's ultrasound. I'm kind of just waiting for the bottom to fall out. We're still at the point where if something, *anything* happens, we still have NO BABY. So maybe I'll bond a little bit more once we hit viability at 24 weeks gestation? I can hope. Maybe seeing the baby tomorrow will help. In theory, talking about 'having a baby' is fine and all, but when you get down to it, the actual US HAVING A BABY is still totally surreal.

I seriously wake up every.single.morning and am amazed at what is happening to my body. It's really strange for things to be changing like they are. Heck, since when in our lifetime was weight gain good? I've been reading labels again at the grocery store, buying the highest calorie stuff I can find. From bread (120 calories a slice) to milk (whole), it's just a whole different mind set.

Just because *I* don't believe it, doesn't mean this whole pregnancy/baby thing isn't happening anyways. Over the weekend we went crib shopping and picked one out. I ordered it yesterday, so it should be in in "30-60 days". No rush. We have all the other requisite furniture, so we just got the crib out of the set pictured below.

The other exciting news is that D and I are going on a vacation! This will be our first non-family trip since a 4day long weekend back in May '06. We're going to D's #1 place to see in the entire world. London. It's just for a week, and as I told him, it's not a 3rd world country. It'll be fine. He's never been out of the country, so he's VERY excited. I'm content to sit my fat butt down on a bench in any of the 8 gazillion museums we'll probably go to and read a book while he looks at each and every piece in the museum's collection.

I'll update more tomorrow when I get home from the u/s. Our appt is at 1pm, so it'll be mid-late afternoon before I get home.

Friday, January 16, 2009

It's cold here.

This is a completely unrelated post... just had to share this photo from my car dash this evening.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Another first: 18w3d


Here's another first-- first belly picture. Still surreal.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I survived!

This evening was one of the most surreal events yet... a friend and I registered for all-things-baby at That Store. And I'm alive to tell the story! There was no puking or nausea, and we only took a half hour dinner break. Most of the bases are covered as far as baby junk is concerned.

I still have a hard time believing there will be a baby in this house in June. It's just crazy, I tell ya!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

A new year, a new beginning

I haven't posted recently because I haven't had much to say. We travelled to see my parents over Christmas, and now we have a house full of family (in laws) for more holiday festivities.

I am clearly showing these days, (pictures to follow, I promise!) but I'm not feeling any movement yet. It still seems rather surreal. Like the ball could just drop at any moment, and voila, we still don't have a baby. As I told my SIL this eve, I don't think I'll truly calm down until the baby is born. See? Even just referring to *him* as 'the baby'? I'm trying to keep my distance. We even have a name picked out, but I'm just nervous about putting all of those emotions on the baby, you know?

I'm still waiting for my guarantee of a baby... my ticker tells me how much longer I have to wait. This pregnancy thing is for the birds. Interestingly, I was never one of those women who just 'had' to be pregnant. It's one of those experiences I was rather ambivalent about. And honestly so far, I am *NOT* impressed with this whole pregnancy crap. Just give me the kid already, ok?
Because of those sentiments, adoption (we're looking at Russian adoption) seems perfect on all counts. You sign on the line and they get you a kid. *poof* The kid is about 12 months old-- none of the newborn stuff to deal with. Ok, yes, there are usually significant *other* issues to be dealt with. I'm just using this as an example!

Anywho, there might be a light at the end of the tunnel. So of course then people ask what we're going to do about #2. Riiiiiiight. Great call asking a pregnant chick what her plans are for being pregnant again. Since a natural conception is not possible for us (read the right hand column if you've forgotten that we have ISSUES), it's either back for another IVF/ICSI cycle, or adopt. BUT... our RE said we had to cycle when we did in June 07 because my eggs are crap and if we waited longer we'd be talking donor eggs for sure. So do we take the chance that it doesn't work? Or go straight to adoption for *double the money*. It's a tough call.

For the moment, this preggo chick greatly appreciated the key lime pie her SIL brought with her. The baby *needs* pie.