Monday, January 29, 2007

New Year's resolution

So, ok, it's January 29th and I'm just getting around to this. One of my resolutions was to start my own blog to 'document' everything I'm going through this year. Mostly this is going to be an infertility blog, but I'm sure there'll be a healthy dose of cat and dog fur thrown in for some 'added interest'.

I'll start out with the lastest update on our pending IVF cycle. Last Friday was my baseline ultrasound and bloodwork appointment. There were 19 people in front of me at the labcorp place, so I went over to the RE appt. first, hoping the line would be shorter afterwards. At my ultrasound (u/s) the RE found a nice lovely 28mm CYST on my left ovary. Apparently the lupron didn't shut everything down as it should have. They're hoping the cyst goes away on its own in a week. The follow-up appointment is on 2/1/07. My estradiol number was 34, which is good. Anything under 50 is considered good. That means there's a better chance of the cyst disappearing on its own. If it does, then GAME ON. I get to start stims (bravelle and menopur) on 2/3. If the cyst does not go away, then GAME OFF. Cycle is cancelled, and I have no idea what is next.

Welcome to my life!

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