Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Easter... ahhh, another one of those kid-centric holidays. Usually it's a low-key weekend with maybe a family dinner involved. This year Cynthia became Catholic, so we went to the 3-hour Easter Vigil Mass. Today we went over to my brother's house for family dinner (at 3pm, I never really did understand that). Today wraps up a very *busy* week in the fertile world around us! FOUR of our friends/family told us they were pregnant. Only one was remotely expected.
Big congrats go out to:
Donna 14w along
Marnie 16w along
Lori 17w along
Patricia 5w along after IVF #2 at SIRM in LA. (they transferred 2 5day blasts after not having any make it to ET for IVF #1!)

All of these would usually be seriously traumitizing announcements to hear. Tho now I strangely don't care. You know, congrats to them and all that, but I'm not internalizing it as horrible news, and oh-woe-is-me... I find that kind of surprising.

In other 'moving on' news, we have a phone consult set up w/ Dr. Surrey on the 21st to talk about #2. I don't know if it's even possible to use my eggs, will I have to do the testing again? How long do we have to wait? Will breast feeding mess with any of the hormones up more, do I need to not BF to proceed w/ this? Lots of unknowns.

What I *do* know is that when the testing was finished in May 08, Surrey said we had to cycle ASAP if we wanted to use my eggs. And now it'll be at least a year later. It's at least worth asking the questions before making any decisions (of course!). If we are able for me to cycle again, it probably would be ASAP. We would do the same genetic testing and then a later FET. But really, I'm not that crazy to have intentional 'Irish twins'. We'd probably leave 'em frozen for a year or two, then do the FET. If not, well... ummm... then it's back to the drawing board. Having only one child has never been an acceptable option for either of us.

Oh, and I'm almost 32w along, all is well... so now I'm just going to move on to the Next Big Thing to obsess about!

What? Labor and delivery? Isn't that the Next Big Thing? Well, perhaps.... but I'm enjoying denial again. It's quite lovely.


Retro Girl said...

Wow - it must be overwhelming having to think about #2 options while the first is still on the way, but totally understandable. I have a friend in a similar situation and with age being such a factor in egg quality, it makes a lot of sense.

Best of luck in your decisions...and 32 weeks? Man, that time has flown...for me at least :-).

DAVs said...

That's cool to be at a point where all those pregnancy announcements don't send you diving for the covers. I wish I could be in that place.

And you know what I think about #2? The fact that you're pregnant with one means so much, so much more than any numbers on paper. I mean, look at me: FSH of 5 last week. Perfect on paper, crappy in real life. So I hope Dr. Surrey has good things to say about #2 for you.

Congrats on making it to 32 weeks, you're really really close!

Sky said...

It's funny that I've heard of 2 other ladies who've done (or are strongly leaning towards) CGH more than once in a row in order to bank more "normals" and then they'll have enough frosties to build a family later on.

I think it's a great idea for you to literally jump right into it and not wait. This way you can have genetic siblings if at all possible.

Best of luck and many congrats on being 32 weeks and going strong. Can I just say that felt like a cold water splash in my face at how long I've been at this 'cause I remember your transfer! Wow!

Please post baby pics! :)

g said...

Yah on 32 weeks!!!! your almost there!!! :)
thats great you all are looking into #2 ... i just know it will all work out again! ;) i cant wait to follow that story! :)
i need to catch up on your pevious posts.. we miss you over on FF :) i have been mia here and there as well... its been pretty crazy here...
glad to see that all is going great and cant wait to see some pics!!! and read your BS :)

Parenthood For Me said...

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Sue said...

I am dying to hear what Dr. Surrey says! We are on to our FET after CGH testing and are hoping this is it- so, of course, in the back of my mind is the fact that we didn't get enough blasts this time to have a few left over for a sibling. So, even before I get pregnant, I am worrying about trying again next year,lol. Sick. I do still know that this may not work, its just this idea in the back of my mind that if it does, I want to be able to have siblings...and will my eggs be just awful a year or so from now? So, don't worry - you aren't jumping the gun - I am! And, I'm super-curious what they are going to say!

MamaSoon said...

Hi Annie! Glad to hear things are going so well and you can even focus on #2. I think I'll do the same as you. I want more than one child. No sense wastin' time!

So what did Dr. Surrey say?