Thursday, July 24, 2008

Now with added waiting!

You might be expecting some news, huh? Well, tough, because you're not going to get any anytime soon.

I sucked it up and called CCRM yesterday for an update, see where we stood with the CGH results.

The nurse who called me back (on voicemail) said it'd probably be another week, the lab has been a bit backed up. The results were coming in more at the 6 week point than any earlier and that we probably had another week to wait.


So now we get to wait some more.

But in the 'it could be worse' vein, I heard news recently about a friend who was in a serious motorbike accident with her DH. Her husband is in a coma and they were going to take him off life support today. They had only been married 2 years, and hadn't even gotten to have problems like we are. It could definitely be worse. Now I'm waiting to see where/when the funeral will be. He was 31.


Cindy said...

Oh my gosh, I'm sorry about your friend. That's absolutely terrible.

And it stinks that your waiting has to continue.

MamaSoon said...

That is so sad for your friend. My condolences.

And I was told the lab was really backed up when I sent my day 3 blood work a month ago. So at least you know that you'll be waiting a bit more.

(And my nurse is Amanda. But you really liked Jen, huh? Maybe I could get her too)

Deborah said...

I am so sorry to hear about your friend.

I hope the waiting is over for you soon.