Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I survived!

This evening was one of the most surreal events yet... a friend and I registered for all-things-baby at That Store. And I'm alive to tell the story! There was no puking or nausea, and we only took a half hour dinner break. Most of the bases are covered as far as baby junk is concerned.

I still have a hard time believing there will be a baby in this house in June. It's just crazy, I tell ya!


Lost in Space said...

Good for you!! I'm so glad it all went well and that reality is really setting in! (-;

DAVs said...

Hooray for another milestone! It sounds like a lot of fun!

Christi said...

how exciting!!! and fun :)

Anonymous said...

You did a great job registering last night!!!! I know BRU is a super overwhelming store!!!! Congrats on it all!


Cindy said...

Your registry looks very nice. Good job. :)

Sky said...

I am SO jealous of you, but in such a good way - and I wish you the very best.

Enjoy all the baby things, the little booties, the blankets - this is such a special time.

Let the infertility tears melt away all the sad times and REALLY REALLY enjoy this. You deserve the happiness!

PS: I love that store - sometimes I go online to dream.