Tuesday, August 7, 2007

getting away

This weekend D and I are going away. Ok, it's for business. Ok, it's just to MD for a couple of days, and then to DC to visit friends (1 of whom is 20w pg w/ TWINS... ugh.). It will still be nice to have a change of scenery. The hotel has an infinity pool, and a bar which I'm assuming serves blender drinks. I can't think of another time I would actually like a blender drink, but now is as good of time as any. And I can! Now, I don't plan to get plastered (sorry folks), just a little sun and fun to take my mind off Things will be most welcome.

It will be nice. Very Nice Indeed.


Cindy said...

Things with a capital T. :)

Have fun, sweetie!

Diana said...

OOOH I hope the bar is in the pool!!! A swim up bar, that would make the weekend really nice!

Have a great time!