Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Well then!

Apparently I haven't had much to say. Taking time off from TTC (with medical intervention) will kind of do that to ya. I think we've decided on what to persue next, but we're not at the point of sharing it with 'the world' yet. Hopefully we'll be taking that step early next year. In the meantime we need to accumulate obscene amounts of money for it. Which shouldn't really surprise anyone familiar with ART. It's *all* obscenely expensive once you get involved with IVF and the like. It might as well be monopoly money!

I had a bit of a p/g blip on the radar this cycle. AF was 4-5 days late. Yeah. I ran the statistics on FF, which all pointed to me being preggo. But of course when I POAS, there was only one line. And then the obvious showed up. Duh.

In the spirit of persuing Other Interests, I do dog rescue. Rat Terrier rescue to be specific. This month we're getting 2 more fosters, and are transporting 2 others to their foster homes. 3 of them came from a puppy mill bust in PA. Puppy mills are such an awful thing, it just makes me sick how horrible some people can be.

The long weekend found us rather busy! I (as usual) had to work on Saturday, Sunday I had to go to 2 cookouts, and on Monday we finally painted the catbox room in the basement. Hopefully (hint) my FIL will work on the exterior wall framing the next time he's in town. Not to mention scrubbing and bleaching the catboxes outside. It's quite a process since we have 5 litter boxes!

I'll try to update more. I'm such a hippocrite b/c I read everyone else's blogs almost daily, and here I go weeks without updating mine. Bad blogger. Bad.


Diana said...

Sometimes you need a break from everything, even blogging. You are not a bad blogger!

Cindy said...

I agree - you're not a bad blogger. There's nothing worse than someone blogging when they're heart's not in it. So, you blog when the mood hits you!

Glad you're keeping busy. I don't know how you handle all those crazy doggies. :) But they are darn cute!