Friday, November 23, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

Things I am thankful for:
- my husband D, with all of his annoying optimism in regards to IF.
- D for putting up with all of the pets (and barking...and litter boxes)
- Our families for their care and concern. They don't always 'get it', but they're concerned and helpful in every way possible.
- my little ratties for the snort-snorts, kisses, and general admiration. Sometimes a gal just needs it.
- medical science for providing the technology that makes it even thinkable for us to have children.
- good insurance
- a flexible PT job
- heat, air conditioning, and a roof over my head each and every night.
- my friends for listening and comiserating


Cindy said...

Happy Thanksgiving, sweetie.

Amy said...

Good luck!! I have my consult on 12/10. I'll be thinking of you on that day!
I think I'll be doing 1 more cycle here and in 2008 going for CCRM. (maybe) still weighing my options.