Thursday, March 29, 2007

Good bye Liesie's fishey

Today is a sad day in my house. Liesie's fishey, appropriately named "fishey", went to his final resting place this morning. Well, wherever the city sewer ends up, that is. Fishey hadn't been looking too good for a couple of days. Not swimming around, fins looking a little ragged, and he wouldn't eat his little fishey pellets. The End Is Near. I found Fishey lying on the bottom of the tank on his side, not moving this morning. It's Time To Go.

Fishey belonged to Liesie. Who's Liesie you might ask? Liesie is my oldest cat who just turned TEN last week. Fishey and his brother Other Fishey were a Christmas present to Liesie in 2002. She loves water, and my mom had goldfish and she loved watching the tank. So Liesie got goldfish for christmas. 2 25 cent feeder goldfish provided YEARS of endless entertainment for Liese. She'd sit on the counter in front of the tank and watch them. Thwap, thwap, thwap. Her tail would swat the counter, swishing back and forth. Sometimes she'd want to get right up to them at "fish eye level" and sit in the sink to watch them.

Rest in Peace little Fishey. Liesie loved you so much. God bless.

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Cindy said...

Rest in peace, Fishey!