Tuesday, March 20, 2007

on being boring...

I would apologize for not updating my blog sooner, but well, I'm not sorry. You see, I've been *trying* to take a step back from the computer. To not check FF 20 times a day, not blog-stalk my fellow bloggers. To not calculate the due dates if I got pg on X, Y and Z dates. I think I might donate the maternity clothes I've accumulated w/ the last two pregnancies. Hope, while short lasted, tends to make me shop. Ok, on Ebay. For really good prices. Surely there are some women who are in need of new-with-tags maternity wear who are more fortunate than I in "other" ways.

On a different note, today I joined W*ight W*tchers. I would like to lose about 20lbs. I don't have more to say about that, it is what it is.

As of this writing, I'm thinking of July for doing another cycle. That would mean starting the meds in June, then July for the ER and ET, then another 10 days or so before knowing if it worked. Then I'm done. DONE. The drugs are so hard on your (my) system, not to mention the let down when my body fails me yet again. It's something I have no control over, that ticks me off.

I don't know what's after the July IVF... other than NOT another IVF ! ! !

I'll try to be better about posting. Having a working computer helps.

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Cindy said...

Feel free to be boring. Boring can be good.

Drop me a line sometime. I'm busy being boring too.