Thursday, July 5, 2007

too soon? maybe.

Today was the first u/s of this cycle to monitor follicle growth. The results were not good in my humble Dr. G*ogle educated opinion. The cyst on the L was still there, but a little smaller. No other follies were seen on the L ovary. The R ovary only had 2 11-12mm follicles. Estrogen level was good at 118.

Last cycle at this point I had 10 follicles so things aren't looking all that promising. The super nice nurse said it was too soon to jump to conclusions and things could still take off. (mm hmmm.. yeah... ok....)

My next appt is Monday at 8am.

Could this cycle actually be cancelled? That would be a new twist.

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M said...

Ughhhhhhhh I hope your cycle isn't canceled...hopefully Monday will show some that decided to take a drink of the hormones and grow up like good little follies.