Saturday, October 11, 2008

one small step

I had a small victory this morning. I was able to eat a bowl of granola and yogurt w/ fresh fruit. Stupid, I know, but as I said, small steps.

Once we have the u/s next week I'll post a couple of posts I've been working on. Resolve used to have a section in their newsletter called "Resolved". It was meant for the preggos, but there was enough dissent that they dropped it. Really, no infertile wants to open their support group newsletter and get smacked in the face with a fat belly shot or something.

Though I do think they were onto something. I feel like I'm in this in-between nether land... I guess I'm not infertile anymore, but I am not so sure about this whole pregnancy thing.


Cindy said...

Yay for eating yogurt. :)

And I'll let you know when I finally feel like I fit in in the "mommy club". It hasn't happened yet.

retro girl said...

Thanks for this post. After our recent BFN, I contemplated how it would feel to keep up on your blog. I can honestly say it feels fine...nice, actually. Gives me hope about our frosties.

Sorry about the nausea, but congrats on the granola!

DAVs said...

It can be weird reading about others when they cross to the other side, but I'm with RetroGirl, it also gives me hope. Although we're not doing CGH, we're hoping CCRM has some sort of magic to help us out...

Congrats on the granola!

Laura said...

As you know, my girls are 4 and 2 - both the result of IVF. Having been on the other side of infertility for some time now, I still feel "different" than the other moms at times. I felt it much more at first - when all of our kids were babies and we shared conception stories and birth stories - mine was just always a bit different from others. And when it was time to think about baby #2, my friends got pregnant easily (or accidentally), and for me it was another trip to the IVF clinic; even as an infertile mommy, it can be difficult to see a bulging tummy when you so desperately want a sibling for your own child. If I have a difficult day with my kids, even though I know that it's normal for every mom, I will sometimes feel terribly guilty because of how hard it was to have them. I don't think that you ever get over infertility, even once you have kids, because the experience is so traumatic and profound, and it affects the very heart of what matters most - your family. But I do think that time makes it easier - I don't remember all the details of my failed (or successful) cycles, I don't think about it every day anymore, and I sometimes even catch myself hoping for my own "accidental" baby. And I also think that, because of our infertility, we are just a little bit extra grateful for our two beautiful blessings.


sandjf said...

Just checking in on you from Jamaica Mon--glad to hear things are continuing to go well. Can't wait to hear about your u/s! Good luck :)