Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The drugs are messing with my head.

Seriously. I've spent the whole day tired. Like hard to keep my eyes open tired. A nap sounded luxurious around 2pm. I secretly willed people not to come into the store so I wouldn't have to help them. Ugh. I'm not exactly complaining, just trying to give everyone the full picture. So in the spirit of that, I've been wearing lots of layers b/c the highbeams are on! ROTFL. If you have to ask, I'm not explaining. I think everything thusfar is from the PIO shots.

Speaking of, they're getting worse. Turns out my butt does not like repeated shots in the same vicinity. Fancy that! Tomorrow is my 7dpER progesterone blood draw. I'll post the numbers then. As a reminder, over 10 indicates ovulation, and on a medicated cycle they want something crazy high, preferably over 20. Hell, I'm doing these shots, it BETTER be a nice-n-high number!

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Cindy said...

Are we going to do a pool on your progesterone number? I'd like 80, please!

And I feel ya on the "high beams". I get those a lot normally but they do get worse on progesterone for me.