Thursday, June 12, 2008

"business or pleasure?"

For some reason today the question of the day was whether my trip was for "business or pleasure?". Ummm.... well.... you see... it's kind of complicated. I'd really love a T-shirt that said "I went all the way out to CCRM and all I got was this tshirt!" Heh. That'd be one $$$$$ shirt, that's for sure!

As you may have guessed, I made the trip out to Denver this morning, compliments of United Airlines and a very expensive plane ticket. My first appointment is tomorrow morning for the usual ultrasound and blood work. I had a scan yesterday back home and the Dr. found FIVE follicles. Tho I swear he only checked one side. Regardless, five is wonderful b/c last cycle at this point there were none to be seen on the u/s, and I was just waiting for the cycle to be cancelled.
Five is good.

The weather is lovely, there is zero humidity, and I can see gorgeous snow capped mountains in the distance from my friend Sarah's house. These views beat home, any day of the week.

I have one or two days left on my antibiotic for the bronchitis I picked up. My cough is at least productive now. Annoying, but productive. The cycle meds are lots-of-fun. The repronex is leaving welts, and for some reason the lupron is bruising me. SO attractive. Oh and I'm having some metallic taste food aversions. Lettuce is a definite gross food at the moment. Surprisingly, chocolate is still palatable. LOL


Cindy said...

The views sound lovely.

Hey, I just saw in your sidebar that this cycle is ER ONLY. Why no ET? Did I miss that explanation?

MamaSoon said...

Oh gosh. How hilarious. My husband said the same thing to Nurse Amanda during our workup about the tshirts.

WE had our workup two weeks ago and we'll be doing our third ivf there in aug/sept.

I'll be cheering you on!

If you have a minute, can you come post a comment on my blog about the Buckhorn. Was it good?