Monday, June 16, 2008

Stim day 12

Today we moved residences down to a hotel *much* closer to CCRM. The good thing about the hotel is the free breakfast and high speed internet...oh, and there's an IHOP next door! We loved staying with friends (thanks Sarah and Matt!!!) but it was 62 miles each way to the Dr's office. And D needs to be online for work, which wasn't possible at their house.

Follie watch 2008 update: 11-12ish follicles growing today. Dr Surrey was on the fence on when to trigger me, but decided to hold off. So now I'll do the trigger probably on Wednesday for a Thursday ER. Since this is our last IVF, and based on my tests, I think he's wanting to grow as many of these follicles as large as possible for as long as possible. That's fine by me, but I could really do without the welts (thanks repronex) and bruises (user error from the lupron).

One of the appointments today was with a genetic counsellor to go over what all is involved with the CGH testing we're doing. For some reason I was under the impression that the embryos were frozen at 2 cells. Turns out they (try to) grow them out to 5 days before taking the biopsy. After taking the biopsy they are vitrified. This terrifies me for several reasons. IVF 1 only got us 2 crappy embryos in the first place, and IVF 2 had a better quantity, but the ones we didn't transfer all arrested on day 4. Who's to say we'll even make it to day five for them to even have a chance to do the biopsy. The counsellor lady said that sometimes they'll do it on day 3 or 4 if things aren't looking good, but they really try to grow the embryos to day 5. Ugh.
So NOW I pretty much don't care what the results are, if they make it to day 5 I'll be shocked.

Not sure what our plans are for Tuesday. U/s appt in the AM. D wants to go down/up to Colorado Springs and up the train at Pike's Peak. I'm not sure if my lungs would like that altitude change (walking down a hall briskly still makes me cough). Other options include a tour of the Coors brewery, go to Boulder, or go to the local mall! You know, options, options!


Cindy said...

Wow, day 5, huh? Fingers crossed for some good embryos to test.

I like your options for tomorrow's activities! If you can't make the train, I vote for the brewery. :)

GP said...

Great options!! i think pikes peak would be great.. i def know about the high altitude stuff.. we were about 11,990 ft and i ran up a set up stairs (typical to something here in FL) and i couldnt catch my breath.. its very wierd! keep drinking that water!! it helps.. good luck to you will be loking for updates!

MamaSoon said...

Hope you are enjoying the day before the retrieval. I'd love to hear about your activities. Your follies seem to be responding well. Will you go straight home after retrieval since you aren't transferring?

Amy said...

Good luck with ER!

Thanks for your note. Yeah I'm hoping we get a lot of eggs and have a good fertilization so we have more embryo's to chose from. I have GOT to have some normal one's this time. I've had 1 normal out of my last 2 IVF's.