Thursday, September 11, 2008


Somehow I'm in denial about this cycle. Completely blase about it. Unphased. Oh, la de dah, we're going to Colorado in less than two weeks. I actually asked D what he wanted to do while we were out there. He said "ummm... we can't do *anything* because you'll be on *BEDREST*." Hell-o? Oh, yeah, tht's right. I guess that *is* this month, isn't it?
Nevermind that my tummy is covered in estrogen patches and the bruise on my left arm from the blood-draw lady having to fish around for my crappy vein...

I guess I'll have some news to share this time next month, huh? I could be p/g. How about them apples?!?


g said...

i can understand your mindframe.. i am kinda going through the motions about it... i am looking forward to seeing what comes from it but trying to be causitously optimistic!

I am pulling for u this cycle!!

Weh r u gonna be up there again!? i think we will be up there at the same time! we should do lunch or something.. :) i leave for up there on Oct 2nd.. :) i think u said the 29th your going up there??

Cindy said...

Ugh, hotel bedrest does not sound fun.

We're excited for you!