Saturday, September 20, 2008

Packing list,

DVDs- check
fun magazines- check
a good book - check
comfy FET outfit - check
2 days of pajamas for bed rest- check
FIXED COMPUTER - triple check
wonderful in laws to take care of pets while we're gone- check
cash from the ATM- check
patches, lots and lots of wonderful patches- check
cellphone- check
camera- check
vitamins and supplements -check

We leave tomorrow evening, via a lovely direct flight. Hopefully the car rental people are not slower than molasses! I found out today that we need to be there at 9:30am for a blood draw, then acupuncture, then the FET. After the FET I get more acupuncture, then back to the hotel for bed rest until we leave on Wednesday!

Some people have asked if we know the genders. Well, kind of. CCRM knows, but won't tell us until after the transfer. They do not want gender to be part of the decision of which embryo to transfer. SO, once the FET is done on Monday we will know the gender of the two embryos. If only one embryo sticks, and our embryos are a boy and a girl, we will still not know which one took and will have to wait until further testing around week 12. (assuming a pregnancy results from this, and I'm just NOT going there right now) Obviously if they are both one gender we'll know if it's either a single or twin pregnancy. Speaking of twins... there are lots of clauses and paperwork and signatures required that we acknowledge the risk of multiples with this procedure. I would be amiss to not mention the higher chance of identical twinning associated with assisted hatching. So I guess it is *technically* plausible to have quads if each of the embryos split into two. But, yeah, whatever. I find that almost as plausible as a live birth, too...


Cindy said...

You take gummy vitamins?! Looks like you're all set, though.

Is there a DVD player in the hotel room? If not, does your computer hook up to the TV to use as a player? I guess you can always watch them on your computer too.

Anyway, best of luck! Give me a call if you're bored!

Andrea said...

Good luck! I look forward to following your story and seeing your BFP!


Mrs Woggie said...

I'm here from ICLW - It is my first visit here. And I think I will be checking back to see how your procedure goes. I hope that you get a lovely BFP with a successful and happy pregnancy to follow. Best of Luck.

junebug said...

Here via ICLW - Fingers crossed for you. When people ask if I'm worried about multiples I just laugh. I tell them as long as I can get pregnant I don't care how many are in there. One for every year of trying seems right to me. Now that I am heading into year 7 I am rethinking that philosophy. :-)